Thursday, July 2, 2015

My sons and the whistling pressure cooker

Back in the day when Arjun was younger and Abhay was not around, we'd spend many afternoons in the kitchen. He'd play with the vegetables and the utensils while i quickly rustled up lunch for the two of us. He would be fascinated by the sounds in the kitchen - that of the mixer, the grinder, the juicer and even the pressure cooker. He loved to hear the spluttering of the spices in the pan.

Take us back to the present, he still loves the kitchen for a lot of reasons. He thinks it's his favourite treasure island. He discovers hidden snacks and eatables. Finds new utensils and fancy looking stuff, enough to abandon his toys. 

Until one fine day he decides to hate the whistling pressure cooker for no rhyme or reason. It'e been more than 4 months and we've seen no change towards his hate for the whistling pressure cooker. We asked him why, he says nothing - simply a wave of his hand. We've tried every trick known to us to adapt him but we've failed miserably. We've begun to accept that he hates the whistling pressure cooker.Not like he's exposed to the pressure cooker in school and something nasty happened there - we did our due diligence.

The only time we use the pressure cooker is when we have to cook lentils or cook a quick curry or prepare a pulao. So going forward, there is a timeout in our house where we go on high alert and keep him distracted while the pressure cooker does its whistling job.

This morning was even funnier. He came to cuddle up and play with me as i battled a night of a viral attack. We're singing rhymes and all of a sudden he stops with his ears shut. It took a while for me to figure out it was the whistle of the pressure cooker from the neighbouring block. Talk of super sharp senses! I tried calming him down. He felt relieved the whistle was over in no time.

Abhay, on the other hand is pretty ok with the whistling pressure cooker. He had his initial "stunned" moments but he's okay now.

Do you have someone in your family who hates the pressure cooker like my son does? Share your experience, how you dealt with it and if you've found success.