Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gubloo Diaries and why

I am blogging after a really long time. Not that I was an enthusiastic regular but I used to blog pretty regularly. Life takes you places literally. The icing on the cake in this beautiful journey is our bonny boy. His birth has been life-changing for all of us. We’ve lost sense of time and place literally. As parents we now value the capacity to bring a life to earth and also, our hearts reach out to those who are not as fortunate. And, I’m not being judgemental towards those who have reservations around raising a family. It’s a choice, some of us are ready and some of us are never ready.

I know enough and more friends who hate the idea of sleepless nights and the vision of cleaning baby poop sends them into a vow of no kids. I also have a special category of friends who are great with kids but so long they are not their own. The moment a baby cries, they feel alien and strange. Also, I have friends who are baby-poop and pee friendly. Babies just love going wee-wee and wah wah on their laps. And trust me, those gingerly looks once their deed is done are to die for. Before I was married and younger, babies loved smiling to me and I had those aunties telling me my wedding was round the corner. God knows, what’s the connection with weddings and smiling babies. Babies still smile at me. I mean, you come across babies in buses, taxies, in the park, in the neighbouring shops, your neighbour’s kids. But that’s how most aunties are. They want to see you married for good or for bad even if their daughters are unmarried and dying to get married. How kind!

Ok, I intend to chronicle my journey before my boy arrived and also, how it is, real time- fears and frustrations, joys and happiness, opinions and free advice from all and sundry. Don’t worry, you need not feel inclined to read.Those who know Arjun will vouch and understand what i mean. There are enough momma blogs of repute and claim. This is no entertainment corner either, depends on what your definition of entertainment is. This is for my Arjun whom we lovingly call Tintin for that lovely tuft of hair in the front..This is also for Arjun’s dad with whom my Arjun shares so many similarities.