Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Arjun!

Dear Son,

Your dad and i cannot help wondering where and how time flew by. Today,as you turn a year old, we can see you proudly flashing those 4 and half teeth and boy!those nimble limbs ambling away to glory. Each milestone was full of precious moments of joy and happiness. It was a delightful time seeing you break pots and pans, dig up plants and catch ants and how you preferred to chew on vegetables than your teethers. 

Your love for everything electrical and gadgets doesn't come as a surprise.You love trying anything new, which is good and your dad gently calms my anxious nerves from time to time.

Your dad and i want you to be as loving and fearless as you are now. People say, one ought to fear God - but we feel, God is a loving one.You are a remarkable kid - you've inherited your dad's travelling genes and many believe, my demeanour (which i disagree sometimes). 

Stay cheerful and continue to spread love and sunshine and we will be reminded of our follies with that hearty and infectious laugh of yours.

Papa and Ma