Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arjun and the Giant Ferris Wheel

Yes, i am not devoutly regular in blogging about what my son is upto these days. My husband tells me to capture those memorable milestones lest i forget the details. Yes, i forget so many details  to note,everyday, every waking moment. He is such an engrossing personality - he just won't allow me or rather remind me to go pick up the pen or the keyboard. He observes, quite intently and loves attention.

So we took him to Numaish - V has nostalgic tales from childhood and what a different Hyderabad it used to be without too many shopping malls and the jazz. As we entered, the bright and colourful stalls selling lovely apparel and bags for young girls and the footwear just made me want to have a fully grown daughter.

The Kashmiri stalls cannot be missed- the suits, the saris, the shawls, the carpets and the dry fruits. The UP traders and their handloom stuff - not everything is handloom, though! You have pretty much everything you want for your house in one or the other shop.What struck me the most was the humanity teeming there - small and big families. It was heart warming to see families from all backgrounds- the father bringing his kids and the mother of his brood there and gently alternating the rides and games among the siblings without making one child less loved.The candy and ice-cream treat took care of the rest. I have to admit the govt. has done a great job in terms of arrangements like toilets, security and police bandobast - yes, the complaints, nonetheless. Our thumb rule has been, never buy anything that is already and readily available in the city stores. Spotting the unusual knick-knack and some childhood toy here and there - we still ended up spending close to 3.5K and not a single item is clothes or shoes.

So we are at the rides area and we look at the closest to what is baby-friendly.Not the baby-rides, if you know what i mean. We were going to take one ride as a family.The Giant Wheel? I was like trying to race back in history when was the last time i sat in one - it was quite some time ago.V kept asking me if i will be fine and i kept telling him ya ya!Tickets and queue. On closer inspection, the seating box was a swinging basket!Oh!And the board read - Today special - 5 rounds!Once secured in the case, i held myself secure to the railings on the side while V held Sonny boy and gradually, we went up.We had a bird's eye view and all. And the descent was not at all comfortable for us adults.The next moment, everyone i can hear, is screaming their lungs out as baskets took turns to swing sideways in mid-air - you get the feeling you will topple out. The 5 rounds became 10. Sonny boy gave a strange look, closed his eyes. I was relaying that bit of info to V.V, nervous because i was nervous asked me to keep talking to Sonny boy. So i was talking very loudly to Sonny boy - everything's gonna be ok! Just 5 rounds ok!Just 5 rounds! we are fine! we are fine! Sonny boy never winced or screamed, he was growing uncomfortable with how we were holding him tight and secure. He was also feeling sleepy. Finally, the ride came to an end. Sonny boy was more than awake. He was on an eating spree after that!

What a Numaish!V is waiting for the boy to grow up fast for bigger adventures.Like really.