Sunday, September 2, 2012

My son and Katrina Kaif

Our young man completed 3 months the other day. He is a perceptive little fellow. Thankfully, he is not very demanding or cranky. Sticks to his needs and in my friend’s opinion, has a great temperament. Buri nazar waale tera mu kala. Yeah, back to the agenda – we wanted to celebrate it in our own unusual way. We ran out of ideas. Don’t want him to hate us or headbang (oh yes, he is into headbanging) later that we actually cut a cake for him and he didn’t get to taste it. He has to be involved, are we deciding too much for him, haha.

His father is very particular sonny boy should not be watching TV. Yes, no TV. I really don’t know what programmes are there for babies under 3months. So I watch my little bit on TV during the day and sonny boy does not (get to) watch TV. He is sleeping most times in his crib, all he needs is the sensation that his mom is around and that he gets the necessary attention. And he wakes up when the power cuts start. That’s when we play in the garden and indulge in his babble for hours.

A young friend happened to visit us and his phone had Katrina Kaif as the wallpaper and sonny boy kept staring at her for a really long time. We laughed our heads off as he just refused to look away. And over the weekend, we caught up on this Hindi flick, Ek Tha Tiger, yes that movie has Katrina Kaif. I thought let me put my hypothesis to test. Sonny boy loves the movie theater ambience to go to sleep. He was on his way to sleep just when Katrina Kaif popped up onscreen. He just refused to go to sleep or look the other way. He made all the noises to stay awake to watch the movie and ultimately, his father took him on his lap and covered his eyes. Sonny boy stopped struggling, made do with the sound and the fury (inside him). Just before half-time, apparently Salman Khan’s character shoots at her at being caught in the act of whatever. Sonny boy jumped in his seat, rather shocked. Break time, he decided to go to sleep. No Katrina Kaif, the point is.He didn’t wake up till the next day. And as I greeted him good morning, I told him she didn’t die in the movie, Katrina Kaif lived happily ever after. He chuckled. Both V and I were, well stumped.

An afterthought -
The reason behind my telling him what happened in the movie is again a pet indulgence. I feel babies at whatever stage of life and development need to be told complete stories. No half-baked or incomplete stuff like what happened to Prince Abhimanyu in his mother’s womb in The Mahabharata. When Prince Arjun and Princess Subhadra were expecting the little prince, the Pandu warrior prince happened to share with his wife the art of breaking into a Chakravyuh, a battle-strategy to break into enemy lines but she fell asleep when he narrated how to come out of it. And, legend has it that the young teenage prince could break into the Chakravyuh effortlessly but could not exit and got killed treacherously by the Kaurava biggies.