Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy 2nd, Arjun!

Wow Arjun,

Its May 29th already and you're so blissfully unaware you are growing so fast -you are two years old. Not sure if i should be guilty of not making you aware of this big day for everyone who loves you. But you know what, you are so special to us everyday. Touchwood.

We are so proud of you in every little way. You are this awesome big brother to your little Abhay whom you adoringly call Bibby and you're still learning how to hug him right without crushing him. Of course, you love nibbling his little pink fingers out of fun. You love getting flowers for mommy every morning and arranging Papa's shoes out. The small little things you do for us assure us that you will grow up to be a fine lad and treat people with kindness.

We were touched and humbled the other day when you said sorry to a bigger boy in the park even though he tried to bully you and you're not at fault. You've a big heart. You know when to laugh it off.

You have never demanded anything from us - your contentment sometimes scares me but you are a very,very brave boy and that is a very reassuring feeling. The one time when you snapped your elbow while playing swing-swing with me left me very crushed - but the speed and demeanour at which you recovered without a tantrum was a lesson for us in letting things be.

We pray each birthday of yours is a new experience in whatever capacity. Gifts that matter are the love and goodwill, and blessings of your elders and well-wishers.

You start school in less than a week. Our gift to you - go shine - the sky's the limit. Nothing should stop you from doing what you want as long as that is not causing harm to anyone or anything - that comes with a lot of love and security. Also, the big world is a big learning ground - trust us, it's an amazing place - be fearless as your name personifies.

Love Papa and Ma 

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